Alongside working with photogtaphy in studios and shooting  for special events, Rodrigo has held photo exhibitions in different locations in Oxford and London (UK).



- Bellies & Babies - Oxford 2005 / London 2009

- Red & Grenn Reflexions - Oxford 2007 and 2008

- One Season: The garden - Oxford 2007



- Peace Parade (London), Gay Parade (London), Carnivals, International concerts as well as weddings and private functions



- Local and national newspapers/magazine in Brazil (1998-1999)

- Studios as a free-lance photographer in Brazil (2001-2005), Italy (2007) and the UK (2005-2008)



Professional High School in Marketing, 1999, São Paulo, Brazil

B.A. in Communication and Journalism, 2003, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Specialized in Photojournalism and Portraits


It's been a while since I used a camera for the first time. However, I am still discovering and learning about how to take the most inspiring pictures every single day.


Just before launching my studio in Portland, I realized that what encouraged me to create and improve my pictures was women's power.


Been raised by two beautiful women made me understand their perspective.  I admire how they face their struggles, how they live their lives and most of all, their beautiful hearts. Their caring and sensitive heart is my motivation to capture their finest experiences in my photographs – either in the pregnancy time, fashion or weddings. My work is dedicated to women, and for them I say: Thank you.


Thank you my gorgeous wife Dunya, and every women that somehow passed by or are still part of my life and taught me to be more comprehensive and more compassionate.


The world would be much better if we, men, pay more attention to your teachings.

Rodrigo Baena


Rbaena Brazilian Art Photography